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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Echinosophora koreensis

Name: Echinosophora koreensis (Nakai) Nakai

Family name: Leguminosae
Korean: GAE-NEU-SAM (개느삼)
Japanese: イヌクララ

It was found out and papered as a name of Sophora koreensis at first time by a Japanese botanist, Nakai 1919.
And it was seperated to a new genus, Echisophora and remaned 1923.
It is only one species of Echisophora.

Habitat: N.Korea and some part of S.Korea
Echinosophora's Habitat is so limited. It was thought that it lived in N.Korea before.
However it was found by a elementary student in Yang-Gu, Kangwon province, S.korea.
Among his botanical specimen for his vacation homework, a senior botanist discovered
a dried Echinosophora sample and found first Echinosophora habitat in S.Korea.

Deciduous shrub. Erected trunk. Around 1m tall. Irregular form.
Flowering in May. Typical Leguminosae flower. Yellow color ( )
Raceme; 5-6 flowers in 3-5cm long new stem.
Pinnate compound leaf. Alternate.
13-27 small leaves in a pinnate leaf.


Lee Changbok, Plant of Korea, 1998
Kim Muyel, Korean Endemic plant, 2002

-pictures by Kim Janghun, in Chollipo arboretum, Korea, 2009.05.05

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